Nocturnal Bloom

Skills: Comics

Peace has reigned for hundreds of years in Tokushimia, where humans and magical creatures, the Nyctinastics, live in uneasy truce. But the everblight sickness is spreading across the human kingdom, and is fatal to all who are infected. When teenagers Junko and Yoshiki save a Nyctinastic, they discover that these reclusive creatures might hold a cure to the everblight, setting the two races on a collision course.

Invited deep into the Nyctinastic hive, the two unlikely friends are offered a transformational opportunity. For Junko, it’s a chance to cure her degenerative sickness. For Yoshiki, a way to overcome the restraints of the flesh. But to accept would be to switch allegiance and turn their backs on the human race.

War is coming to Tokushimia, and while Junko and Yoshiki make difficult decisions about their future, something old is waking, deep within the Nyctinastic hive. Something that these peaceful creatures have not needed for hundreds of years… Can friendship survive when war stirs in the forests of Tokushimia?

Created by P M Buchan and Lyndon White, NOCTURNAL BLOOM is a fantasy YA graphic novel inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli, about two teenage friends struggling to define their identities and forced to choose sides in an adult world on the brink of war.