Hexes: Volume Two


More unique stories drawn by great artists, telling strange tales filled with psychological terror which could happen to anyone…

Bad things happen all the time, right? Sometimes they’re large and destructive, but mostly they’re small and you learn to live with them. And the more you live with them, the more you take the strange and unnatural for granted, inventing reasons for the mysterious happenings in your life.

I’m right, aren’t I? The madness happens in tiny little increments. Those things you can’t explain that you put down to cooling radiators or sleep-deprivation. The noise which is only the refrigerator, the objects you could have sworn you left one place being somewhere else. The shadows in the corner of your eye or the sense of being watched.

Now you’re nodding. Now you understand. That’s right, you think, but they’re not anything. Just silly explainable things you haven’t yet explained. Well, let me just remind you of something…

…those things still happen.

Hexes are individual psychological horror stories set the world over. They are set in the same universe, allowing characters to pop up in other people’s stories.