Candles – Live on Unbound

Generation after generation people are taught one thing, never use magic. The evil Witch has cast a plague known as Dark-bark over the land and one by one, infected villagers are lured into the enchanted forest never to be seen again. As a last resort to save her family, Grace embarks on a quest to steal the Witch’s magic and use it to save her dying village.

My new graphic novel Candles is now crowdfunding on Unbound. Unbound is world’s first crowdfunding publisher, allowing me to fund the project while I draw the book. Once the project hits it’s target, it then gets published.

Please check out the project via the link and support if you can. There’s an expert of the book so you can read more into the story and more details about the project. Pre-orders and pledges are the lifeblood of these kind of projects.

Candles is my next big graphic novel project. Combining my love of fantasy with the horror undertones that people have come to expect from my work. I hope you enjoy it and come along for the ride.

All the best,