Timeline – books & comics

My first comic / book was released in 2013 and since then I’ve worked on a number of different titles. For my sake (and also for those who have an interest) I’ve mapped out the titles and projects (including those not out or unannounced) since then to help plan future releases.

When working on books you tend to be working a couple of months in advance, so a title will be released well after you have completed the work. This allows room for corrections, printing, distribution, promotion etc. At the moment I’m working on “Unannounced graphic novel ” and “A Tale of Shadows”. So on my work timeline I have three other projects that are completed and will be released before my current work comes out. Then theres other projects planned in advance. Some of these have scripts ready to be worked on, others are still being worked on by the writer. Having this timeline / work flow allows you to keep working on titles while planning for what you will be doing in the future. It also lets you plan for what work you can and can’t take on.


Another aspect to keep track of is what you are allowed to show case and when you can publicly announce a project. For instance ‘Lost and Found’ is 100% my own and the image above is the first time the cover has been shown publicly (even though this is a very small resolution). Where “Unannounced Graphic Novel 2014 – 2015” has a large quantity of pages complete, but I’m not allowed to publicly show this. Again, The Mind of James Svengal has a cover but there won’t be any visuals shown publicly.

The reason for all of this is party due to having two different scripts sitting on my desk this morning. Looking at both I had to decide which I’d be working on next. There are different factors – who is publishing the title, who I’m working with (are their schedules currently free), when is the release date for the title etc. So mapping out these long term projects becomes necessary so you can decide what you need to work on, accounting for what else is in the pipe line.



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