Welcome to Etsy

This week I’ve gone through¬†the process of changing how you buy my products online. In the past my shop worked directly from my own website. There are pros and cons to this and its something I’d been looking at changing for awhile. So I’ve turned to Etsy. I’ve heard good things and I know a number of friends / colleagues who have had success on the platform. At the very least, its worth a try.


What will be up for grabs some might ask? Well if you see me at a comic con this year there will be similar things. Comics by myself including Lost & Found, Pinnacle and Cosmic fish, other will be added as they are released. A new range of illustration prints. These range from zombies, to fairy tails, to dragon spirits, to someone riding a giant snow hare. Basically, theres verity. In the future I will be adding my other comic Where were you? and some zombie t-shirts but due to limited sock and a comic con around the corner, they will be added at a later date.

Now I hear you. “Where can I get this awesome loot? Stop rambling and tell me damn it!” Simply, follow the link bellow.



Snow Hare

Spirt Town

Z Knight

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