Types of work

Recently I’ve been asked a number of times “what is it you actually do?” with some people becoming more puzzled at the answer. So lets shed some light on what it is I do, day to day.

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In short, is depends. I’m a freelancer which means I not working in an office for some company. I work for myself and I work on different projects / briefs as the come. Mainly there are four areas – textile, illustration, graphic design and comics. The textile work is mainly for a company called H&Q Ltd, which I draw/design  between 3-5 prints a week. The illustration work can variey. Sometimes its a character commission, spot illustrations or work for a show or event. Graphic design is mainly logo / print focused. I’m definatly not a web designer but I do a lot of logos, branding / merchandise based design. Finally, theres comics. This has also expands into some children’s books and general publishing, but for most parts its telling stories. Sometimes writing, sometimes just drawing. Depending on the book its either been published, self published or funded via Kickstarter.
RedFor each part these some verity in what I do. As I’ve said, its project based and depends what the client wants / what the goal is. What the work is for. Which for myself is where is gets interesting. You suit the work to the purpose. When illustrating I work in different ways depending on subject. For instance, my comic Lost & Found was all drawn in pencil and ink to suit the grittiness of zombies and the theme. My preferred method is mix media illustration, working in textures and detail into the piece. But this wouldn’t suit a simple line drawing of a fox that might be for a greeting card.

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I understand that working in multiple ways can sound a little odd, but when freelancing you need to be multi-diciplined. Otherwise you won’t survive. But what I can say, is that I enjoy all of it. The comics are definatly the favourite but all aspects of my work are fun.

So if your one of those people who I’ve talked to at an exhibition or a comic con, I hope this sheds some light on “what I do” and why I’m that guy who draws surreal cityscapes one day, gritty zombies the next and finishes the week with a couple of paisleys.

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