Travelling Man – Manchester

Having your books in shops is important. Its a great way to get your work seen by new people and also makes them accessible. Speaking with other creators, some stores work better than others. For myself, I love the Travelling Man chain. Every time I go into one of their shops everything feels clean, accessible and comfortable (nothing like the generic comic book shop stereotypes), often with a Studio Ghibli soundtrack playing in the background. Basically, they are similar to book shops. No matter which one you go too, the staff want to be there (or seem too) and the small press always have their own section which has a nice range of different books.


I’ve recently restocked all of my comics in the Manchester Travelling Man store. Ranging from my first┬ácomic Where Were You? all the way to A Tale of Shadows Book 1. This is the first store to stock A Tale of Shadows and before it got to the shelves there were positive comments from staff as they took off the laser cut sleeve and started looking at the artwork. Theres only a handful of copies there for now, but I will be restocking again next month when I head to Manchester again for MCM comic con. If your going to comic con, I’ll have copies of all my books. If you can’t make it, you can at least check them out at Travelling Man.


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