Travel plan

In a few days time I’ll be traveling again. This time its for another comic convention, to send Kickstarter rewards out and to work in the Broadstairs studio on textile prints. Overall, its going to be a busy few weeks with a very, VERY, heavy suitcase.

Aside from comic con prep, I’ve spent the past two months (since I got back from traveling), penciling and inking a graphic novel (colour is a problem for future Lyndon). This is something that I’ve been working on with Jordan S. Adams for awhile. The script is finished and I’m currently working through the pages as we go through the pitching process. I’m roughly 75% through drawing the book. But on finishing the draft we will edit, adjust, add colour etc. So we are far from completion.

Myself and Tyler will be traveling to London comic con with our new comic, A Tale of Shadows (funded by Kickstarter), to launch at the event. London MCM is one of the biggest cons of the year and is now extended to three full days! So, we are expecting to be busy. If your going to be there over the weekend, we are at tables CG13-14 in the comic village.


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