ToS – Book 2

I’ve had a number of emails, tweets, messages and general questions about A Tale of Shadows, book 2. When is it coming out? Have you started working on it? Whats going to happen, etc. So I figured I’d ahead some light on the next issue.

My sceduale has now cleared up so I’ve started to draw book 2. Most of the book is thumb nailed and we have started to create the final line work. Using feedback from book 1, myself and Tyler are aiming to push the visuals. More detail, richer colours and better environments. Generally taking the artwork to the next step. While Paul has been writing the script and aims to continue writing, fine tuning dialogue and creating more and more crowd scenes until he finishes the story. He is basically writing issues 2-5 back to back.

We will be returning to Kickstarter later this year for issue 2. But we want to have the book complete and ready to go before we do that. If all goes to plan it will be in people’s hands for Christmas (I don’t want to announce a date until the book is ready and we have started planning the Kickstarter). So, to keep you at bay, here’s the cover line work for book 2.

TOS2 - page 1&28 - draft 1A

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