ToS Book 2 – cover & speed painting

Myself, Tyler and Paul have been working on A Tale of Shadows Book 2: Cause & Affect. While I’m finishing the last few pages of line work, Tyler is working on the colouring and Paul is proofing dialogue and the text. We will be heading back to Kickstarter this year (end of October-ish) but before we do we want to have the book completed. This reduces the risk factor for people backing the project and also means that it takes less time to get the book into the public’s hands.

At the moment I don’t have a lot to show off since the majority will be shown along with the Kickstarter. However, we recently completed the cover for book 2. It follows the same style as book 2 (wrap around cover with a sleeve) but we have pushed the artwork forward with more detail to environments, perspective and colour. You can watch the creation of the cover in speed painting form (if you wish). I’ll release more on book 2 are we prepare to go back to Kickstarter.

TOS - 2- cover

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