Book timeline. What’s out, what’s next? Bellow is a timeline of the books I’ve worked on so far (excluding covers, children’s books, work as a ghost artist and letter) so you have a rough idea of whats coming. Last year I made a switch from working on single issues / smaller books, to graphic novels. This was due to the type of stories that I wanted to tell and so that I could tell complete story arcs. The only downside to them is the higher the page count, the longer they take to create, which is to be expected.

TimelineSo, while I’ve been working on the bigger books I’ve also been working with Tyler and Paul on the ‘A Tale of Shadows’ series. These books are only twenty-eight pages and part of a set of five. Part of the reason we worked these into smaller volumes, was so that I had work coming out while spending time on other projects. By the time all five books are complete (one out roughly every 6-8 months), the graphic novels should be out. This doesn’t mean I will NEVER work on a small volume again, but the majority of what I work on will be complete stories.

A Tale of Shadows Book 2: Cause & Effect will be my first book out this year. Picking up from where Book 1 left off. Following that, I’m expecting ‘Sparks’ to make an appearance (graphic novel no.1) and possibly A Tale of Shadows Book 3 towards the end of the year. In terms of other titles. I have been working on another book that is roughly twice the size of Sparks. It’s taken some time to work on and I’m currently pitching it. Overall we will have to wait and see, no official announcements have been made but I am working on a few things, I just hope the single issues of A Tale of Shadows are enough to keep some of you tied over.

TOS - 2- cover text

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