The end of con season

We are heading into the end of comic con season with only two events left (for myself at least). This weekend I’m heading to Leeds for Thought Bubble which is one of my most favourited shows of the year. The reason being that it is purely focused on comics rather than pop culture, TV, film, games etc. Which all do have their place. However, Thought Bubble is a celebration of the comics medium. Crossing the whole spectrum from small indie comics all the way to fully fleshed, hardback graphic novels.


For the majority of the weekend I’ll be at my table (74A) in the Marquee. If your around do come and say hi. I’ll have a selection of art prints, original drawings and comics (surprisingly) with me and I’ll also be promoting our new comic A Tale of Shadows: Cause & Effect which is on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign will be running through the weekend and for one more week as we head over to Birmingham for MCM comic con which will be my last show of the year.


So far this year has been amazing. Both Lost & Found and A Tale of Shadows Book 1: Something Out of Nothing came out after being successfully funded via Kickstarter with A Tale of Shadows Book 2: Cause & Effect following suit next year. On top of this I’ve been working on a graphic novel and created a complete textile design portfolio. Despite the year not being completely over, preparation is already going into next year. As always, theres more to come.

For any of you heading to Thought Bubble and Birmingham MCM over the next 2 weeks, I hope to see you there.

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