Target Reached

We recently hit our target on Kickstarter for our new comic A Tale of Shadows: Cause & Effect. Myself, Tyler and Paul couldn’t be happier because we not get to print the book and get it out there into the world. In honesty we weren’t sure how it was going to go. You can never really be certain with Kickstarter, especially since this is the second book in the Tale of Shadows series (Book 2’s have a habit of never happening or falling flat on their feet).

So what can you expect in the remaining weeks of the campaign? We are now heading towards our first stretch goal which is to improve the print quality, get a bigger print run and to get a laser cut banner to wrap around each copy of the book. This is to give things back to the people have pledged and simply make the product better.

If you haven’t already please check out our Kickstarter for A Tale of Shadows: Cause & Effect and possibly preorder a copy. If you have seen it / supported it, once again thank you. Projects like this don’t work unless you have people behind what you’re doing.


Stretchgoals A

TOS - banner v2 bannerCover

TOS - 2- cover

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