Stretch Goals

We are heading into the final days of my Kickstarter campaign. The support has been fantastic and last night we hit our stretch goal to get better printing and a bigger print run. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking (typing) about…



Lost & Found is a zombie horror comic which tells the story of one man’s journey to find his lost daughter. Michael and his daughter Sarah live day by day within the ruins of civilisation, when an argument over waters sends Sararh running out onto the zombie infested streets of the city. The artwork is drawn using pencil and ink. Its quite sketchy, which really brings out the grittiness of the zombies.

So where are we so far? We are currently heading towards stretch goal number 2. Which will mean every backer who has pledged for a hardcopy of the book (thats £6 and upwards) will also get an A5 Kickstarter exclusive signed bookplate. Giving everyone more value for their money. So if you haven’t already follow the link belong and please take a look. Like it, share it, tell your cat about it! Everything helps.

Kickstarter Link

Strech goals #2

Cover - C

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