Sinners on Kickstarter

If you’ve browsed throughout he comic section on Kickstarter recently you should (and I emphasise SHOULD!) have come across a book called Sinners Issue 1 – Hope is Dead. The campaign is in its last days and only a few percent away from its goal. So please follow the link bellow and take a look.


Still here? Then I’ll keep rambling. Sinners is the first issue of a new comic series. Written by Simon Birks, drawn by RHStewart and lettered by myself. The story follows a girl named Hope who wakes up dead (and this is only the start of her problems). Escaping from a crime scene, Hope gets give a job driving a Limo by a mysterious man who knows too much about her, who then opens the trunk and gets sucked into it. Now she must drive the Limo and with a little help from the GPS, do a job that she doesn’t want to go; gather the sinners.

Now, what can you get for backing such a project. Theres a range of things – comics, t-shirts, postcards, professional critiques on your now comic script, be a character in issue 2, the list goes on. So please do take a look. A lot of work has been put into this and since its already completed, funding will go towards printing and getting the book off the ground.

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