Adapting Frankenstein into a concertina book. Telling the classic horror story in a series of full colour illustrations. Haunted by the loss of his mother, Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with… Read More →

Hannah Solicitors

Branding / Graphic Design / Social Media Content We are a legal firm with offices in the town of Rushden (Northamptonshire) and Luton (Bedfordshire). While we have a great relationship… Read More →

The Herebey Dragons

Bobby is just a normal boy with a normal mother. Or so he thought. But when she takes him to an antiques shop one lunchtime, he discovers a prism which… Read More →

Inquisition Games

Essex wargaming and role-playing tabletop gaming tables to play on – Games Workshop, Warlord and Dungeons & Dragons. To book a slot DM for more info.  


Lettering / Design Robert Ormstead is on his way from Newburyport to Arkham the cheapest way possible. Unfortunately, for him, this means taking the bus through shadowed Innsmouth. Armed with… Read More →

Nocturnal Bloom

Peace has reigned for hundreds of years in Tokushimia, where humans and magical creatures, the Nyctinastics, live in uneasy truce. But the everblight sickness is spreading across the human kingdom,… Read More →

A Song for Nightfall

On the border of the Ameyalli forest resides an ancient tribe. They have long survived on their ancient rituals, worship of Mother Earth, and strict adherence to the forbidden. Lia… Read More →


Lettering / Cover Artist (B) Conceptualized and written by award-winning screenwriter Simon Birks, ANTARCTICA follows the journey of a young engineer named Hannah, whose life imploded the day her father… Read More →

Tallith’s Guide

“Dive into a magical world of mushrooms for your 5e roleplaying campaigns. Tallith will be your guide to a wide range of fantastical fungi, from mushrooms that can distort time… Read More →