War of the Worlds

Illustration & Book Design. “For a time I believed that mankind had been swept out of existence, and that I stood here alone, the last man left alive.” A strange,… Read More →

Arcane Rites

Book Cover Design Arcane Rites is a gamebook set in a cave system where the adventurer (reader) has to battle monsters and defeat traps in order to rescue their ward… Read More →


A fantasy graphic novel about a young girl who sets out to steal magic from an evil Witch and use it to save her dying village. Generation after generation people… Read More →


Book Cover Design It started with a phone call he couldn’t remember. Sammel’s girlfriend, Freya, has disappeared, and now he wants to find her, but Sammel has always found it… Read More →

The Mind of James Svengal

Illustrator, Writer & Book Designer. After discovering experimental hallucinogenic pills, a troubled artist, struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, embarks on a series of surreal trips into his subconscious – but… Read More →

Sparks and the Fallen Star

Illustrator, Writer & Book Designer. The stars are going out. Night never ends and while others only wonder, Sparks, the bravest little robot, sets out to discover the reason why.… Read More →

Print Collection

Illustration A collection of A2 artist prints. Available to buy via my online shop or directly from me at art show or comic convention. Online Shop Link

Textile Design

Textile Design. At H&Q we believe in a return to quality. Hand drawing always comes first and is the starting point for any of our creative work. We offer a full studio… Read More →


Letterer and B Cover Artist. This morning, Hope Martinez woke up dead in a derelict apartment. To make matters worse, Danny, her on-off boyfriend, and the only person she comes… Read More →