New Business cards

I’ve recently changed printers. This wasn’t because I didn’t like my old one, its because I wanted a specific paper stock. If you’ve bought one of my new prints (or you got one from my Kickstarter) theres a higher level of quality overall and this is what my work needed in printing form. I’ve noticed specifically with my artwork, it looks terrible if done cheaply. The textures and colours become lost. In my studio, I have a £300 office printer and my artwork looks like garbage from this machine. So if you see me at conventions this year, you’ll notice the paper stock has change, but for the better.

Ticking croc

In addition to my new prints, I also have new business cards in a set of four. These show off different pieces of artwork but all fit nicely into the branding alongside each other. On one side is a full illustration with the reverse side showing a section in pencil form, with my details. Printed on a matt finish with curved corners. Overall, they are a ‘clean’ design and if you grab one from me you’ll notice the level of quality from just holding them and possibly geek out over the paper stock (or I do at least).


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