Merging styles

This weekend, a new comic by myself, Tyler Wilson and Paul Clark-Forse will be released at London MCM. The comic (A Tale of Shadows), was funded via Kickstarter last month and it a little different to my normal style of work and the reason for this is because ‘Shadows’ has a mixture of my own style and Tyler’s. Sound odd? Let me explain…

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A Tale of Shadows started with myself and Tyler. We put a lot of time in to world building, story planning and concepts for the world. Which all sounds normal at this point. Your fleshing out the idea. For myself, I’m a writer and an illustrator, with a number of books under my belt. But I’m not the writer of A Tale of Shadows. Which might sound a little odd. The reason for this is because I’ve been working on a graphic novel, which has a different story all together and because I was knee deep in writing one story, it didn’t make sense to write another alongside it.

This is where Paul Clark-Forse comes in. Paul is an incredibly witty writer, who is able to create dialogue that flows naturally between characters. He was also able to take all the concepts from myself and Tyler, and build on them. Plus, because he is purely thinking of story, when he writes, he isn’t thinking about how much time it’s going to take to draw this crowd scene. Or lets have a map of the world; it will show the reader the world and environment that we have created. All of which, resulted in making the book better but is more work in drawing terms.

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When it came to drawing the book, the artwork became a hybrid of Tyler’s work and mine. You have my sequencing, and sketchy line work, mixed with Tyler’s colour pallet and attention to detail. It wasn’t as simple as finishing the line work and sending it down the pipeline; it was more of a back and forth process.

As it stands, Book 1 is complete and launches this weekend. The outline for the other four books is already complete. So while people are reading and ahold of book 1, we will be working on book 2, drawing all the crowd scenes that Paul demands!

If your attending London MCM this weekend, we will be at tables CG13-14 in the comic village.


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