Making progress

At the moment, I’m sat in a studio in Broadstairs on the southern coast. I can see the beach from the balcony and during the day, I’ve spent the past week working on textile prints. However, in the evenings I’ve been working on my next comic – ‘A Tale of Shadows Book 1: Something out of Nothing’, with Tyler (illustrator) and Paul (writer). We only have a few pages left to colour and add text to, meaning the book will be complete by the end of the week!


So whats next? Well we are preparing a Kickstarter campaign which takes time and planning. Costs have been worked out, production on the video has started and the page itself is partly built. I’ll be heading north to film the Kickstarter video with Tyler at the end of the week. If all goes to plan it should be live and follow a similar structure to my first Kickstarter (Lost & Found) this month. So until we hit the ‘go’ button, keep an eye out. We will be teasing over the next few weeks.

Sky - draft 1

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