Kickstarter preview

A few months ago we used Kickstarter to fund A Tale of Shadows Book 1: Something Out of Nothing. We were sucessfully funded and now that we have finished book 2, we are heading back to Kickstarter. A Tale of Shadows: Cause & Effect, is the second book in the series and is what myself, Tyler and Paul have been quietly working on the past few months.

Since we are only a few days away from launch, here’s a peak at what you can expect. Once the Kickstarter is live, I’ll add a link here.


A Tale of Shadows is a 28 page fantasy comic. After “The Machine” is turned on by Felix, technology has arrived to the town of Wavefront, dividing the population between the spiritual and scientific. Leaving Felix to suffer the consciences of his actions.




6Thanks for reading and even if you can’t make a pledge on the Kickstarter, liking, sharing, tweeting etc helps get the book out to a wider audiaence.

See you on Kickstarter.


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