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This week I’ll be heading back to Kickstarter, but this time with the talented Tyler Wilson and the witty writer Paul Clark-Forse. We will be pitching the first book of our new comic, A Tale of Shadows which is a 28 page fantasy comic set in a world ideologically split by the arrival of new technology.

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When a machine the likes the world has never seen before is unveiled in his home town Felix, a young boy, finds himself caught in the ¬†middle of an ongoing confrontation between religious group ‘The Men of the Way’ and a ragtag team of rogue scientists, the Sciencestitions.

We will be launching the Kickstarter this week, just before we are at Birmingham MCM (21-2nd March) and because book 1 is already complete, theres very little risk. Our aim with the Kickstarter is to get book 1 out in to peoples hands while we work on book 2, with a total of 5 books planned in total. The story is already mapped out and planned for each book, so we have an end game to work towards, with all the plot points set out.

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Once we hit the ‘go button’ I’ll add a link to this page. So please keep an eye out for Kickstarter. You can get copies of the book, art prints, t-shirts, maps of the world (and all that jazz) and even if you don’t pledge, please like, share, tweet, blog, instagram. Tell your friends, tell you cat. It all helps widen the viewership of the Kickstarter.


I’ll leave you the first few pages and thanks again.


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