How I survive freelancing

Over the past two years I’ve made my living by freelancing. Previously, I worked in a studio and my time there helped give me perspective on what I wanted to do. When I finished my degree the idea of freelancing was terrifying and like most graduates, you simply want a paid job. You want to be paid in the profession that you have been studying for years.

I illustrate and write / draw comics because I enjoy telling stories. When I worked in an illustration agency, I got to work on comics, children’s books, animation, storyboards, picture books etc and even though I enjoyed it, I didn’t get to tell my own stories. Granted, if you get to do this all the time, you’re in a very lucky position, but what I noticed is that if I was in the studio all the time, I wouldn’t get to develop and create my own ideas. Which is why I decided to try freelancing and here is how I survive.


Simply, freelancing is hard. It takes time to build a range of clients and you need to be diverse. Some of you know me for one (or maybe a few) of the areas above. My main body of work is on the left in my main style. But I also work as a textile designer, children’s / character illustrator and graphic designer when the work is suited. Personally I really enjoy it and it also gives me the freedom to travel and take on jobs that require you to work onsite. I hope this gives some inside on “how I survive as a freelancer” and also explains why I might be drawing the occasional raccoon.


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