Gym Wanker: A Foolproof Guide to Gym Excellence


Illustrator & Book Designer.

Have you got what it takes to become an accomplished gym wanker? You may already even be one and never knew! Being a gym wanker is NOT for everyone, for some it’s a natural progression of their personality and for others it’s almost a calling. Advanced level wankerbility can take years of solid graft and determination – be warned and prepared; you will never master it all, not everyone can be a total gym wanker.

Within this book there are pointers for the amateur wanker right up to the more advanced where you can try a variety of wanker combinations; some wankerish styles will take time, practice and patience. Do not rush into your wanker characterisms, start with little gym wanker steps first.

If you are determined enough becoming an exceptional gym wanker may well be within your grasp, people may not say it, but they will look at you and say to themselves “look at that absolute wanker.”

Long may you reign you complete wanker.

Published by Clearwater Publishing.

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