From pencils to colour

The countdown to my first comic con of the year (Midlands MCM) is ticking away and I’m still¬†creating the first wave of illustrations for my new print collection. Another of which is ‘The Black Sheep’. I spent a lot of time playing around with concept of this one. Other roughs include a wolf instead of the fox, the headless horseman (it went down the Sleepy Hollow route at one point) and a violinist playing in the street, which became a different illustration all together. This is part of the work that goes into all of these illustrations and once finalised I go through the stages of pencil, ink and colour. The reason for this is because each step needs to be finished before I move to the next and its also a method I use for pricing my illustration work. If a client pays for pencils and decides he/she wants to pay more to have it inked or coloured, I can do that using this method and showcase what they are getting for their money. It basically shows the value of each stage.

Fox D


Overall I really enjoyed working on this illustration. Being selective on my etching and only using it on the¬†shadow, helped bring out the pencils and contrast to the tiny fox. For more on the processes of these illustrations / prints, please refer back to my blog, I’ll be posting regularly while working on these pieces.

Fox C

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