Drawing digitally, sketching traditionally.

For awhile theres been a sort of rivalry between working digitally and traditionally. How one works better than the other, depending which side of the fence your on. For myself, they work together.

I have different ways of working depending on what I’m working on. Recently, I’ve been drawing the line work for A Tale of Shadows Book 2 (digitally), which will be then passed on to Tyler for colouring. After drawing through the pages I wondered how much of difference it makes compared to my ‘normal’ line work, working with a pencil (this tends to be inked and coloured digitally when working by myself).

Linework insta
Looking at the two, they both have detail and an element of sketchiness to them. Working digitally has definatly contributed to the amount of detail I put into my pencil drawings, especially when it comes to architecture and environments. Overall, which you prefer is down to preference. The pencil is looser, has a bit of a grain to the line and is slightly more sketchy. While the digital work is slightly tighter with a bit more detail.

The deciding factor for how I work depends on the final product. Since I’m working on A Tale of Shadows I’ll work digitally for ease and because Tyler purely works digitally and the style we have gone for is focused in that direction. When working by myself I prefer pencil and ink, then switching to digital for colouring to create the effect I’m going for.

Choosing your media has always been an important aspect to drawing. How your going to work towards that final outcome. Traditional and digital media can work hand in hand but the deciding factor is down to what works for you as an individaul.


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