Dragons and spirits

Comic con season ended roughly a month ago and since then I’ve been wrapping up the Kickstarter for my new comic (Lost & Found) and planning things for next year. Con season starts again in February so theres a short gap between making new artwork for prints, t-shirts and merch etc since it has to be sent off to the printers. When things start up again I’m planning on having a number of new things. I’ll have a limited run of zombie t-shirts, new comics and a new print collection (printed on a textured paper at 300gsm). The first of the new prints is complete and here (taaa-daaa)!
Dragon - draft 2

The dragon spirit is something I’d been sketching for awhile and wanted to showcase it in a scene with other spirits walking around. Playing around with the idea of them coming out at night (if you’ve seen the beginning of Spirited Away you’ll have a better understanding of what I’m going for). Overall, lots of drawing, lots of colour and lots of texture. I was pretty happy to use some of the techniques I’ve been using on the graphic novels (currently working on) and then apply them to this. A lot of which look particularly better in print rather than on screen.

So while your counting down to the first comic con of the year, I’ll be posting updates on new pieces of artwork for the print collection. Showing the progression of the pieces and the process.



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