Con season has begun!

Yesterday was my first comic con for the year at Midlands MCM. Overall, a nice con to start the year but a bit of a slow burner. At the start of a new season you tend to get a lot of creators with new merch. I’m no different. My print range has been updated, everything is now printed on a high quality printer with fancy paper (if you see me in person you’ll notice straight away), along with my new comic Lost & Found available for the first time publicly, since the Kickstarter.

So now the season has started, what can you expect for future shows? At the moment I’m working on a few books. But one of them is a series called Tale of Shadow spending over 5 parts. Part 1 is almost complete and should be at the cons at some point this year, most likely in the second half of the season. Print wise, I currently have 17 different prints and between them all theres quite a range. Some focus on characters, others on environments, surreal or clean, dark or light. As the year goes on and between projects I will get some time to do more, so this will probably be bumped up to 20 as the year goes on.

My next event is Birmingham MCM next month. Hope to see you there.


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