Borderline Press – Sale!

Lets face it, reading comics and graphic novels can be expensive. Especially if your reading a series that comes out each month. Or theres those dreadfully expensive cross over events, that make you buy every comic under the sun. However, there is hope. Borderline Press are having a sale!

Borderline Press Link

Borderline are having a 50% sale on all their graphic novels, making incredible value for the amount of comic (and quality) that you get for your money. The publisher is having a minor cash-flow crisis so pitching in and getting a book would really help them out. At this price point, its even worth doing a bit of early Christmas shopping. For myself, I high recommend 566 Frames. The illustrations are beautiful and the production quality of the book, its print stock and the story are definatly high tier. If thats not your thing, there definatly a wide range in their portfolio to chose from.

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